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About the Academy

Good government lawyers are essential for high quality rule of law. The work of a government lawyer in this quickly changing political and administrative environment is a unique profession, requiring specific knowledge and skills. The Academy was founded in 2009 with the aim of improving the quality of the legal profession within the central government. 

This is done by selecting and training legal talent, providing special educational programmes for high level training and stimulating relevant research. The Academy endeavors to have the best lecturers from the academic world or legal practice in the discipline concerned for every course or module. 

Courses / programmes (postgraduate level) 

Together with a network of professionals from the academic world and legal practice we develop practical and inspiring educational programmes. We are accustomed to giving postgraduate level courses. All skills required for developing and maintaining the knowledge of a government lawyer are covered in our programme. These include such specialist fields as politics, administration and sociology as well as supporting skills such as writing, negotiating and advising for government lawyers. We have an open programme and develop tailor-made courses, also for government lawyers in other countries. 

International programmes 

Master programme for young professionals (Dutch)

The Academy has developed a two-year dual Master programme for government lawyers. Every year the Academy recruits young professionals through a strict selection process, who follow this programme to become a government lawyer. The course combines lectures at the Academy with practice at a ministry or other central government body.  


Research is another important component in stimulating the development of the rule of law. The Academy is active in the field of research. A select intervision group meets once a month with a special researcher in the field of law and governance. The group is led by one of our programme managers who is a professor at the University of Groningen. The dean and programme managers are all active in carrying out research and producing publications. 

Publication series ‘Law and Government’

The Academy has recently launched the publication series ‘Law and Government’ which makes  available legal knowledge inside and around the central government. The publication series contains mostly Dutch legal publications for and by legal professionals within the central government. 


Academy for Legislation

The Academy for Legislation is a sister institute and is specialised in the field of legislation. 

Academy for Legislation

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